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Cindy is the classic pre-made unit that we all need! she made from virgin 10a with options of transparent or HD lace coloured in a cinnamon brown.C urrently medium cap (21''-22'). She can be worn in the middle or on the side. Our 5x5 lace allows for ‘mini frontal’ customisation whereby the lace is bleached and plucked to achieve a natural looking hairline similar to a frontal lace. 5x5 lace size is perfect if:

*you have a ‘go to’ parting you prefer and don’t change much

*Its your first wig and prefer something quick and easy to maintain

However if you are the type to constantly try new partings such as ‘all back’ with or without baby hair or you love a ‘half up half down’ look the 13x4 frontal will be right up your street.


(Model is wearing: 180~ density: 26" 5x5 closure transparent lace straight coloured jet black)


Please allow 5-10 days for customisation options ( i.e. additional bundles bleach & plucking).


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