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frequently asked questions 

How many bundles do I need for a customised wig?

Short hairstyles using a frontal\ mini frontal   ( 12”-14”)  2 bundles is best. Longer looks 16”-24” 3 to 4  bundles. For a full look or if you head size is  23” 3 bundles but standard thickness 2 bundles and a frontal. 

How long will my wig last me?

Generally, closure wigs can last 12-24 months, frontal units 10-12 months.

With the wigs it depends on how often you wear them. Like a pair of jeans if you wear the same ones over and over again, they can become tired. It’s always best to rotate your wigs between 2-3 wigs.

I have a really small head and I am worried the wigs will not fit me. 

That’s not a problem the best option for you would be our custom-made units. Whereby we take your exact measurements and construct you a unit that fits perfectly.


 What’s the difference between a transparent lace and a Hd thin lace?

 Transparent lace frontals are very light in colour perfect for fairer skin. It is easy to colour/ tint    to suit  any complexation. Whereas HD lace a lot more delicate in comparison. They are made of a thinner lace that literally melts into the skin undetectably. Transparent laces are more durable because the lace is slightly thicker. If you know you’re rough or have really sharp nails transparent may be the best option for you. Or if you want that super real undetectable hairline HD ultra-thin is the lace for you.

Are your wigs glue-less? 

We offer both glued option or a glueless option. 

I have a low hair-line, can I still wear a lace frontal Glue-less?

Yes we have perfected a method to allow you to have a very natural hair line.

Would I be able to wear my wig up in a high ponytail?

If you desire to wear your hair up in a high pony tail, it is best select our full lace wig or have a custom 360 lace frontal made into a wig. For orders contact us for detail.

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